Clean Cities Initiative Wins Golden Bullet Award from the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute

May 14, 2010

DOE's Clean Cities initiative was awarded the "Golden Bullet Award" on May 11 for its speed and success in deploying alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Annalloyd Thomason, the Executive Director of the Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Institute, presented the award to Clean Cities Director Dennis Smith at the 2010 Alternative Fuels and Vehicles National Conference and Expo.

Clean Cities is responsible for managing $300 million in Recovery Act funding to support the investments made by transit authorities, state governments, and local governments in clean vehicles and alternative fuel infrastructure. Twenty-five cost-shared projects will put more than 9,000 alternative fuel and energy efficient vehicles on the road, establish 542 refueling locations, and install more than 1,000 electric charging stations nationwide. These projects include the use of natural and renewable gas, propane, ethanol, biodiesel, electricity, and hybrid technologies and will displace 38 million gallons of petroleum annually. View the August press release on the DOE Web site.