Propane Vehicles: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities Report Available

July 20, 2010

Argonne National Laboratory has published a new report on Propane Vehicles: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities. Propane has a long history of use as a vehicle fuel. Worldwide, it is the most widely used alternative vehicle fuel. This report describes the barriers and opportunities for expansion of propane use in the U.S. based on low price, wide availability, and potential financial incentives.

The report concludes that enough propane is available to fuel targeted fleets including the school bas, taxicab, police, and paratransit markets. "It is possible to secure long-term contracts for propane at a lower price than conventional fuels, infrastructure is relatively inexpensive to build, new vehicle products are coming online, and an extensive network of 25,000 propane fuel distributors already exists." The report is available by clicking on Information Resources on the AFDC website.