Argonne Lab Publishes Well-to-Wheels Analysis of Landfill Gas

July 20, 2010

Argonne National Laboratory has published Well-to-Wheels Analysis of Landfill Gas-Based Pathways and Their Addition to the GREET Model. This report discusses the size and scope of biomethane resources from landfills and the pathways by which those resources can be turned into and utilized as vehicle fuel. It includes characterizations of the LFG stream and the processes used to convert low-Btu LFG into high-Btu renewable natural gas (RNG); documents the conversion efficiencies and losses of those processes, the choice of processes modeled in GREET, and other assumptions used to construct GREET pathways; and presents GREET results by pathway stage.

The report concludes that "as compared with North American natural gas (NA NG) or petroleum-based fuel, LFG-based fuels require roughly the same quantity of energy for their production, transport, and utilization in vehicles. However, with LFG-based fuels, much of this energy is considered renewable since it is from organic sources and is replenished naturally." The report is available from Information Resources on the AFDC Web site.