Clean Cities Partners with National Park Service

March 3, 2011

Clean Cities is helping to reduce petroleum use and protect air quality in America’s national parks through the deployment of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles.

The Clean Cities National Parks Initiative supports the use of electric vehicles, natural gas buses, ethanol fueling stations, idle reduction, and other energy-saving transportation solutions in some of our country’s most spectacular places.

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Energy signed a five-year agreement with the National Park Service to provide up to $5 million annually for transportation projects. Individual parks will pair up with nearby Clean Cities coalitions to develop and implement the projects.

Several national parks are already working with Clean Cities coalitions. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is using biodiesel to power more than 50 vehicles and pieces of equipment, and more than a dozen hybrid electric vehicles and neighborhood electric vehicles in the park’s fleet help improve air quality and raise awareness among visitors. Zion National Park is working with Utah Clean Cities to expand Zion’s use of alternative fuels, implement idle-reduction strategies, bring hybrid electric vehicles into the fleet, and promote shuttle bus use by visitors

More information about the Zion and Great Smoky Mountains projects, as well as several others, is available on the new Clean Cities National Parks Initiative Web page. The page also contains instructions on submitting project ideas for your national park.