'America's Next Top Energy Innovators' Named

February 15, 2012

DOE announced on February 10 the three winning startup companies out of the 14 participating in the "America's Next Top Energy Innovator" challenge. The decision was based on the nearly half a million votes cast online from January 26 through February 6, as well as expert review. The startups, using technology licensed from DOE's national laboratories, are from Iowa, Maryland, and Oregon. The winning teams will be featured at the 2012 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, which will bring clean energy leaders together at the end of the month.

IPAT, based in Nevada, Iowa, is using gas atomization technology developed at Ames Laboratory to make titanium powder with processes that are ten times more efficient than those made using the traditional powder-making method, significantly lowering the cost of the powder to manufacturers for a range of parts. Umpqua Energy, in Medford, Oregon, is using an Argonne National Laboratory technology to develop a system that allows a gasoline engine to operate in an "extreme lean burn" mode to increase gasoline mileage. Vorbeck Materials, in Jessup, Maryland, is using a method developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for building tiny chemical structures to greatly improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries. See the DOE press release and the challenge website.