Three Pacific Coast States Join British Columbia to Combat Climate Change

November 6, 2013

California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia on October 28 signed a regional agreement to strategically align policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote clean energy. The pact seeks to enhance cooperation through a range of activities, including harmonizing 2050 targets for greenhouse gas reductions and developing mid-term targets needed to support long-term reduction goals. The agreement also calls for steps to expand the use of zero-emission vehicles, aiming for 10% of new public and private fleet vehicle purchases by 2016. It also proposes maintaining low-carbon fuel standards in each jurisdiction and continuing deployment of high-speed rail across the region.

The group affirmed the scientific consensus on the human causes of climate change and its impacts. Members cited the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report, released in September 2013, and added that governmental actions should be grounded in this scientific understanding of climate change. See the State of California press release.