PG&E Helps Bring Electric Vehicle Chargers to Muir Woods (Text Version)

This is a text version of the PG&E Helps Bring Electric Vehicle Chargers to Muir Woods video.

MATT NAUMAN: The quiet operation of an electric car seems like the perfect complement to the simple beauty of the Muir Woods in Marin County. And after the unveiling of two public EV chargers at the National Monument, that combination of technology and trees has become a reality.

FRANK DEAN: A place like—it's a majestic redwood grove. We do want to have the quietest vehicles we can—the cleanest vehicles we can. And this is one step getting to that goal.

MATT NAUMAN: The chargers were made possible with a grant from PG&E. They were installed by Adopt a Charger.

EZRA GARRETT: Partnerships like this with partners like the Adopt a Charger team and the Golden Gate Recreational Parks team are really phenomenal for us from a sustainability standpoint because you truly do integrate environmental opportunity with a social and an economic opportunity.

MATT NAUMAN: Garrett spoke of the significance of being able to come to the Muir Woods if you drive an electric vehicle.

EZRA GARRETT: The ability for folks to come to a park like this—it's, you know, not close to home. It's a little bit of a remote location. But to have the confidence that they are going to be able to charge that vehicle back up to get back home really is a difference maker for folks who are contemplating whether or not to take the plunge and get into an electric vehicle.

MATT NAUMAN: PG&E will pay for the power that is used by the EV chargers. And thanks to a grant from the Energy Department's Clean Cities initiative, the Park Service was able to buy several electric vehicles that they will use in their fleet.

FRANK DEAN: Muir Woods receives nearly a million people a year, and these coveted parking spaces will be right here front and center so people will notice them as they walk through after they arrive, and they will notice this opportunity and this great partnership.

MATT NAUMAN: For Currents, I'm Matt Nauman.