National Clean Fleets Partner: PepsiCo

Photo of a hybrid electric Pepsi delivery truck.

PepsiCo conserves fuel and reduces emissions by using EPA SmartWay-certified carriers for 100% of its U.S. transportation needs. The company also strives to maximize fuel efficiency through improved route planning, idle reduction, speed governance, and preventive maintenance. PepsiCo has more than 1,300 hybrids in its car fleet and is the parent company of Frito-Lay, which deployed 176 all-electric delivery trucks in 2011.

Fast Facts

  • Joined the National Clean Fleets Partnership: April 2011
  • Headquarters: Purchase, NY
  • Operations: The Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa
  • Strategies and Technologies: Natural gas, hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicles, speed governance, route optimization, idle reduction, telematics, rightsizing

More Information

For additional information, contact the Clean Cities National Clean Fleets Partnership account manager, Pamela Burns.

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