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National Clean Fleets Partner: ampCNG

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In partnership with Fair Oaks Farms, ampCNG manages a fleet of 42 milk-transport trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The first 12-liter Kenworth T660 milk-transport truck went into service in 2013. ampCNG also built a fueling station that has supplied its fleet with natural gas since 2011. In 2012, the company opened a biodigester that processes agricultural waste to produce nearly carbon neutral renewable natural gas. While the trucks have already displaced more than 1.8 million gallons of diesel equivalent from traditional natural gas, this fuel will improve their sustainability further.

Fast Facts

  • Joined the National Clean Fleets Partnership: March 2013
  • Headquarters: Chicago
  • Operations: Indiana and the I-65 and I-75 corridors
  • Strategies and Technologies: Compressed natural gas, renewable natural gas, natural gas fueling stations

Natural Gas Powers Milk Delivery Trucks in Indiana

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For additional information, contact the Clean Cities National Clean Fleets Partnership account manager, Kellie Walsh.

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Clean Fleets News

June 21, 2013

ampCNG upgrades CNG trucking fleet with new Kenworth trucks

CHICAGO – ampCNG, the CNG fueling company that helps organizations with large trucking fleets transition from gasoline and diesel fuel to compressed natural gas (CNG), put its first 12-liter Kenworth T660 truck on the road. The truck is the first of 42 new T660 trucks that ampCNG plans to add to its fleet.

The new CNG trucks have the ability to travel over 600 miles between fuelings and will hold a CNG equivalent of 136 diesel gallons. Powered by 11.9-liter engines from Cummins Westport, the Kenworth trucks will be outfitted with Agility back-of-cab CNG tank systems and Trilogy Engineered Systems side-rail assembly CNG tank systems.

"Over the past year and a half, our 9-liter CNG fleet has successfully run over 8.9 million miles on a dairy route between Fair Oaks Farms, Indiana, and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, displacing more than 1.5 million gallons of diesel fuel," said Nathan Laurell, CEO of ampCNG. "We will go over the 10-million-mile mark this year. Our 'partnerships' trucks will now be stronger and get even better mileage on the road. The savings on fuel costs and the reduction of emissions will continue to be incredibly substantial."

CNG is domestic, abundant, and less expensive than diesel fuel. It has significant environmental benefits, as it produces the fewest emissions of any motor fuel. From a financial perspective, the long-term benefits in fuel cost savings far outweigh the incremental costs associated with converting to CNG units for dedicated routes. According to the National Energy Policy Institute, if all heavy-duty trucks in the United States converted to CNG, America could reduce U.S. oil consumption by 12%, or 2 million barrels of oil per day.

ampCNG is actively using CNG as a sustainable transportation fuel via innovative fuel-saving initiatives. In addition to helping corporate and independent long-haul fleets convert from diesel fuel to renewably produced CNG, ampCNG owns and operates two CNG fueling stations in Indiana. In partnership with Trillium CNG, a business unit of Integrys Energy Group, the company plans to build a nationwide network of CNG fueling stations over the next few years. ampCNG also co-owns a plant that produces renewable natural gas from cow manure through a process called anaerobic digestion.

ampCNG is also offering a new finance model that provides companies with leasing support for CNG vehicles that fuel at ampCNG-owned stations. The model includes garage and maintenance packages.