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Tips for Public Outreach

Public outreach and education is critical to your coalition's success in reducing petroleum use. Use these tips when you communicate with the public and local media about your Clean Cities events, accomplishments, and activities.

Icon of a graduation cap.For more information, take the Conducting Media Outreach course from Clean Cities University.

Communicating Outside Coalitions

Communicating effectively with prospective stakeholders and the public is essential to build support for your coalition. Follow these tips when communicating outside your coalition.

Using Social Media

Using social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, can help you communicate with stakeholders and media organizations about your coalition's events and accomplishments. Follow these tips to maximize your use of social media tools:

Share About Your Coalition

Push information about your coalition to stakeholders through a variety of social media outlets. Examples include:

Share About Clean Cities

Leverage existing content to share broader information about the Clean Cities program and its accomplishments. Examples include:

Contacting Local Media

Increase your coalition's exposure to the public and garner more support from stakeholders by contacting local media to publicize your events, accomplishments, and activities. Follow these tips to engage local media effectively.

For information about media outlets in your area, contact your local convention or visitor's bureau, or see the Gale directory of publications and broadcast media.

Writing Press Releases

Your newsworthy events, accomplishments, and activities could be picked up by local media if you present them in a concise, engaging way. Reporters have many news releases to sift through daily, so follow these tips to write press releases that stand out.

Read more Tips for Publicizing Your Awards and Achievements and see the press release template. For style guidelines, consult the Associated Press Stylebook. Also see information about appropriate use for logos.

Improving Fuel Economy

Use tips from FuelEconomy.gov and the fuel economy press release template to communicate with the media about ways your coalition supports reducing fuel consumption.

Producing Videos

Find tips for producing videos for Clean Cities.

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