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Clean Cities

Clean Cities Coalition Fundraising

Fundraising is critical to the long-term stability of your Clean Cities coalition and to the success of transportation projects your coalition undertakes.

For sources of project funding, see Clean Cities financial opportunities. Funding is also available from many other sources. Keep a running list of projects to pursue so you're ready to act when funding opportunities arise.

To ensure success in your coalition's fundraising activities, it is important to:

  • Articulate your coalition's value: Communicate the resources, expertise, networking opportunities, services, and benefits your coalition provides to stakeholders, funders, and the greater community.

  • Develop a long-term funding plan: Include operating costs, opportunities for savings, existing income, and possible new funding sources in your plan.

  • Identify diverse funding sources: Think creatively about fundraising. Your board, stakeholders, fellow Clean Cities coordinators, and others can help you brainstorm potential new and unique opportunities.

  • Take proactive steps to secure funding: Cultivate relationships and your reputation through frequent and routine communication. Partnerships with other organizations can help when you're applying for grants, organizing events, or implementing projects.

Icon of a graduation cap For more information, take the Funding Your Coalition course from Clean Cities University.