Clean Cities Video Production

Find video production tips and learn about the video production process below to create videos for the Clean Cities YouTube channel.

Video Production Tips

Use the tips for producing videos to create successful videos. Producing polished footage will speed up the post-production process.

Video Production Process

Follow this recommended process to produce videos for the Clean Cities YouTube channel. Your Clean Cities coalition can accelerate or decelerate this process to meet project requirements.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) technical monitor, Andrew Hudgins, provides technical assistance during the production process; and facilitates approvals and contact between Clean Cities coordinators and the Fireside Production team.

Step 1: Plan

The NREL technical monitor is available by teleconference to discuss script concepts, production ideas and techniques, location requirements, and graphic modeling or animation needs.

Step 2: Develop a Script

Based on discussions with the technical monitor and interactions with your local subject-matter points of contact, coordinators should develop a script. Use the Sample Video Script as an example when developing your script.

Step 3: Produce Footage

During production, Clean Cities coordinators record video on location based on the script and review the footage on location to ensure quality. You should verify video signal quality, audio clarity, resolution, and scene composition. When possible, you should shoot several takes to cover different approaches. You also should identify graphics, still photos, and additional stock footage to help tell your story.

Step 4: Upload Footage

Deliver your footage and supporting materials to the NREL technical monitor through the file transfer protocol (FTP). Email the NREL technical monitor to request FTP instructions and log-in information.

Step 5: Complete Post-Production

Clean Cities coordinators should keep raw footage for future use. The production team uses the footage from the coordinators to edit the video, develop animations, and prepare graphics and voiceover according to the script.

Where directed by the NREL technical monitor, the production team can enhance the video with digital effects and computer graphics animation. The production team might contact coordinators during the post-production process with any questions on the script or footage.

Step 6: Review

Coordinators and the NREL technical monitor review the video via a link provided by the production team, where they outline minor corrections. Comments should be provided to the production team and the NREL technical monitor via email.

Step 7: Upload Final Video

The production team uploads the final video to the Clean Cities YouTube channel and delivers an electronic copy to the NREL technical monitor and Clean Cities coordinator.