Verizon's MAGIC Bus Is Green (Text Version)

This is a text version of the Verizon's MAGIC Bus Is Green video.

JAMES GOWEN: So the Verizon FiOS MAGIC Bus, which you see right here, is the first of its kind. And what this takes is 10 of our technicians who install FiOS in our customers' homes around and throughout the city, dropping them off at their jobs and then picking them up.

VINCE CIMAGLIA: When we first came to New York City and we saw the opportunity to roll out the mobile garage, we thought of not just one vehicle but a fleet of vehicles. For every 10 mobile garages you get, you may be able to eliminate anywhere from 80 to 120 light vehicles.

COURTNEY JOHNSON: It helps us work smarter. It's more efficient. Less fumes in the air. It's good for the community.

JAMES GOWEN: We're reducing congestion for the folks of New York City while we're reducing carbon dioxide, and at the same time, we're reducing our fuel usage.

We've ordered 20 more vehicles, and they're coming right here to the five boroughs or New York City.

STEVE ZORNBERG: We have more people coming to us when we pull over and dispatch the technicians. What it this all about? Bottom line: going green, helping the environment.

JAMES GOWEN: When I think about the enabling technologies and the solutions that Verizon is bringing to its customers: telebanking, telemedicine, the ability for conferencing, our cloud activity, and the work we're doing to enable sustainable solutions for our customers and bring energy efficiency to their day-to-day life.