Analysis and Usability

The heart of good customer service lies in creating effective websites that answer our customers' questions and help them take action. Use the tools, templates, and techniques below to learn what your customers need and how to design sites and applications your customers will love.

EERE strongly recommends but does not require you to do usability or analysis on your sites; the content in this section represents best practices and guidelines.  We only require that you get the appropriate Web Governance Team and OMB approvals, and that you protect any Personally Identifiable Information you collect.

Content Analysis

Learn more about analyzing your website's content and identifying issues to improve.


Learn how to set up and review statistics on your website.


If you want to gather information from your website users, you may be interested in running a survey. Learn about how to create one and when you'll need OMB approval.

Templates and Examples

Optional templates that you can use to plan or run your analysis or usability projects.

Tools for Analysis and Usability

Online tools that are available for staff and contractors doing EERE usability studies.

Usability and User-Centered Design

An introduction to usability and user-centered design and how it can help you improve your websites.

EERE's Usability and Analysis Techniques Guidebook

This guidebook gives basic overviews of these usability techniques and includes best practices on how to design them.  These topics are included:

  • Measurable goals
  • Surveys
  • Statistics and search logs
  • Interviews and focus groups
  • Click analysis with Crazy Egg
  • Customer profiles and personas
  • Scenarios
  • Usability reviews
  • Usability tests
  • Card sorts
  • Tree tests