How to use Crazy Egg (Text Version)

Below is the text version for the "How to use Crazy Egg" video.

(The screen displays the home page of the EERE Industrial Technologies Program, with a heat map overlay showing some lighter spots indicating heavier traffic or clicking by users.)

Crazy Egg is an online tool that helps answer questions about how users interact with your Web pages. It does this by collecting information on where users are clicking when they come to your page, and creates heat maps and other reports of usage patterns.

You can use Crazy Egg to help answer questions that you might have about how users are interacting with particular pages on your site. For example, it can help you figure out if people are seeing a feature that you added to the right column.

Crazy Egg offers a variety of different reports for viewing your data. This heat map report lets you see at a glance what people are clicking on when they come to your page — the brighter colors indicate more activity. This is a report on an older version of the Industrial Technologies Program home page. You can see here that the audience visiting this page is primarily attracted to the "industry" links, or the "industrial plant" links in the center content of the page. The search area is also popular, but the feature graphics down here (the presenter points the mouse to the lower area of the screen) are largely being ignored.

(The screen changes the home page of the EERE Industrial Technologies Program without the heat map overlay. Icons depicting plus signs in varying colors are placed next to certain pieces of content on the page.)

This is a different view that gives you more information. In this view, you can see specifically how many clicks each item is receiving.

(The presenter points the mouse to the "industrial plants" link, and a small red window comes up next to it, indicating the percentage of clicks.)

For example, the "industrial plant" link received almost 9% of the clicks on this page.

(The screen changes to the home page of the EERE Industrial Technologies Program with a dark overlay showing the "confetti" view, or the dots of varying colors, from warm colors to cool colors, indicating amounts of clicking on certain pieces of content on the page.)

Let's look at one last report.  This is the confetti view, which provides the ability to filter the data by key characteristics.

(The presenter points the mouse to the menu of color codes on the left.)

So, for example, I could see where users who came from Google clicked and then I could compare it to where users who came from other EERE pages clicked.

(The presenter points the mouse to open up another menu leading off from the menu above, which displays another list of options.)

Crazy Egg offers a number of other ways to filter your data as well, including by search terms, country, or time to click.

The best part about Crazy Egg is that it's easy to set up and run. It's so easy, in fact, that it gives you the ability to make incremental changes to a page and then repeat the testing in between each change until you get the traffic that you want for a particular item.

When you're ready to run a Crazy Egg test on your site, please contact EERE's Web usability coordinator, who'll get you started on your way.