Domains and URLs

For domains and URLs, all EERE office and partnership websites must comply with the Department of Energy (DOE), the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and the EERE domain policies.

Getting Approval

All domains must be approved by the Web Governance Team (WGT). For new Web projects, you'll include it on the Project Information Form, which you'll complete for your initial meeting with the WGT. For more information, see project process and approvals.

For questions regarding these policies, or questions about using EERE domains or URLs for your programs, partnerships, or applications, please contact Carolyn Hinkley.

Choosing Domains and URLs

EERE's office and partnership websites must have one of the following approved domains for their page:

Standard EERE URLs:

EERE websites should live at one of EERE's approved, standard domains. These are:

  • For websites migrated into
  • For websites that have not been migrated into

These are the standard domains for EERE's websites. It's expected that all websites will live in unless they have received written approval from Public Affairs.

Example URLs:


Marketing URLs:

Marketing URLs are short, easy-to-remember URLs that are used to market and promote EERE websites. They are not domains, and websites do not "live" at them. Instead, they are redirects that point to a website's standard EERE URL.

Marketing URLs are only used for offices, top-level programs, and initiatives. They are approved by the Web Governance Team.

  • Example URL:

Top Level .GOV:

Top-level .gov domains are reserved for federal agencies. At DOE, these domains are only approved for high-level, cross-cutting initiatives, and they are very rarely approved. There has been a freeze on top-level .gov domains since 2011.

You can learn more about the U.S. Department of Energy's .gov approval process on their DNS Policies and Procedures page. If you want to request a new top-level .gov, go to the Web Governance Team.

  • Example URL:


.Org domains are only available for websites that are not part of a federal agency, are not funded by the DOE, or are developed through significant partnership arrangements with non-federal agencies. Special approval is required for these sites. If you want to request a new .org URL, go to the Web Governance Team.

  • Example URL:

Database and Application URLs

If your database or application needs a URL that doesn't follow one of these standards, please contact the Web Template Coordinator.