Exhibit Set Up

Follow these step-by step instructions in order to set up your exhibit.

1. The exhibit case.

Photo of a man opening an exhibit case.

2. Inside the top of the case, you will find shipping labels, extra bulbs, and contact information.

Photo of an open exhibit case.

3. Expand the display frame by pulling the center piece apart gently. Red feet should be at bottom front.

Photo of a man unfolding an exhibit display frame.

4. Fully expand the frame with the curve facing out. Push joints gently together and display frame will stand on its own.

Photo of a man with an open exhibit display frame.

5. Assembling the channel bars. Unfold and attach at each joint.

Photo of channel bars being attached.

6. Attaching the channel bar to the frame structure. Slide the bar into the red feet, pop into center joint, and slide over top foot.

Photo of channel bars being attached to an exhibit display frame.

7. Attach lights to the frame top on the two channel bars, as shown above. You can use the case top as a step stool.

Photo of a man attaching lights to an exhibit display frame.

8. Hand the large graphic sheets from each top hook, and adjust alignment as needed.

Photo of a man attaching graphic sheets to an exhibit display frame.

9. Here's what the EERE 10' exhibit should look like when fully erected.

Photo of an assembled exhibit.