Getting the Most from the Show

These guidelines are designed to assist you during the event, in order to get the most out of the showing of your exhibit.

Look the Part

Create a good impression for EERE by looking polished and professional. Wear business-like, comfortable attire. Don't forget your nametag! Get plenty of rest before the show, and pace yourself during the show (you will need breaks, so schedule them).

Staffing the Exhibit Booth

Visitors will walk past an empty booth. They will perceive your absence as a lack of interest in providing information. Try not to leave the booth unattended. If you leave for breaks, have another staff member fill in for you. And, while you're staffing the booth, keep it presentable—free of food, clutter, and noisy distractions.

Be Approachable

Visitors want face-to-face communication with EERE representatives. Use nonverbal cues to show genuine interest in talking with them: smile, make eye contact, extend your hand. Then engage them in conversation.


Once you have your visitors' attention, give them your attention. Listen carefully to their needs and interests. Find out what they know about EERE's mission and programs. Focus your conversation on their interests. Avoid overwhelming the visitors with more information or literature than they need or want. However, be sure they know how to get more information, through a specific contact at EERE or by visiting our Web site,

Know Your Stuff

To visitors, you are EERE. They'll expect you to be knowledgeable about all of EERE's programs, but realistically, some questions will stump you. Offer to find the answers and follow up.

Take Notes

A key reason for EERE's involvement in shows is to develop new stakeholder contacts and identify potential opportunities for assistance or partnering. Ask for business cards with accurate mailing or contact information. Write down any specific questions or other important information to help you remember your conversations with eople you meet. Keep your notes and cards together.

Other Tips

These other tips will help you run a successful exhibit.

  • Send a map out to customers prior to the show and circle your exhibit space.
  • If people walk up and don't get "what you do" in 3-5 seconds, you've missed your audience. Be creative; this is a festive atmosphere.
  • People tend to traffic to the right when entering a show, also by the end of a show people are too tired to go to the left and see what they missed.
  • Try to avoid isolated corners.
  • It's good to stay against walls—you can go higher with displays, and you'll have fewer restrictions.
  • You may be able to upgrade to a better space the day of the show; check to see if there has been a paid cancellation and consider moving.
  • Map out the show when arriving and plan to talk to other exhibitors (often your biggest customers are exhibitors)