Government Printing Office Requirements

This section describes the Government Printing Office (GPO) requirements for all print materials, whether printed electronically or on paper. This includes requirements for printing and copying for all EERE publications.

Approved Printers

Executive Order 12873, signed by President Clinton, requires that all government offices and their contractors are required to use GPO-approved printers to print and copy all publications. For the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), the GPO-approved printers are:

  • EERE laboratories
  • DOE headquarters print shop

Identification Numbers and Publication Dates

All EERE print materials must have a GPO product identification number and publication date. This requirement includes all EERE print materials whether printed electronically or on paper. GPO product identification numbers are unique identifiers, and therefore may not be re-used.

You can obtain a GPO product identification number through all EERE-related laboratories or the DOE headquarters print shop. The GPO product identification number should always be placed to the left of the publication date.

Both of these elements must be on the last page or back cover of your publications. Please note that all EERE laboratories and the DOE headquarters print shop will have their own unique numbering system. The two elements will look like this example:

DOE/GO-102010-1234     October 2010