EERE Office, Subprogram, and Specialty Logos

The following logos are the only logos approved for use. When used, they must be visually subordinate to the EERE Identifier. The Identity and Design Guidelines outline the approval process for new logos and define branding categories and EERE identifier requirements.

Before developing a new logo, you must first get approval from the EERE Publication Manager. If you need logos in a format that's not available here, please contact the Communication Standards Webmaster.

The following are the approved EERE logos.

Department of Energy Identifier

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy identifier does not use the DOE seal.

DOE seal

Powerpedia Website: DOE Identifier
Please note: This site is not accessible beyond the DOE network. If you cannot access this page, please contact Scott Minos to obtain these files.

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Identifier

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Identifier is used on all EERE projects. It cannot be redrawn or altered in any way. The Office Identifiers are optional.

EERE Identifier Package
Includes the horizontal and vertical EERE Identifiers.

Office Identifiers

Office Logos

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) is the only EERE Program with an approved logo.

Subprogram Logos

Subprogram logos are defined as programs that are managed by EERE programs.

Coalition Logos

Coalition logos are defined as DOE-sponsored networks—usually comprised of local governments—that operate under a DOE program for deployment and demonstration purposes.

Clean Cities logo

Clean Cities

Clean Cities Logos

Solar America Cities Logo

Solar America Cities

No download available.



Conferences are comprised of conferences, events, trade shows, peer reviews, merit reviews, symposiums, meetings, or other similar gatherings.


Partnership and Initiative Logos

Partnerships and initiatives are comprised of DOE-sponsored select industry, academia, or government groups, and are often for developing best practices and furthering program goals.

Zero Energy Ready Home logo

Zero Energy Ready Home



Competitions are positioned to advance workforce training and development in clean energy technologies.

Interagency Logos

These activities are comprised of interagency partnerships with other federal agencies.

IT Systems and Products

Product logos are used for products, like software programs or technologies, that EERE has developed.

Open Data Catalog logo

Open Data Catalog

Peer Review Logos