Web Maintenance

EERE expects its offices to review and maintain their online content on an ongoing basis throughout the year. This includes two kinds of maintenance: technical maintenance and content maintenance. Websites that are no longer being maintained should be archived.

Read more about EERE's expectations for website maintenance.

Maintenance Schedule

All Web Coordinators should ensure these tasks are completed.

  1. Perform ongoing content maintenance.
    1. Quarterly: Technical Maintenance. Complete the tasks listed in quarterly tasks each quarter.
    2. Annually: Content Analysis. Identify content that needs to be updated, and then add, remove, and edit content throughout the year. Learn more about content analysis.
  2. Attend semi-annual Web Governance Team meetings. Twice a year, you'll be asked to report on your progress. Learn about Web maintenance planning and reporting.

Technical Web Maintenance

Technical maintenance is the process of ensuring your website functions properly.

Quarterly Tasks

Every office should do the following technical maintenance tasks quarterly:

  • Run Link Scans

Ask your primary contractor to run link scans to identify broken and redirecting links. The websites we often link to may frequently change or remove content. When a link scan discovers broken or redirected links, your content specialist will need to decide how to rewrite a page or whether to replace an old link with a newer, more relevant one.

  • Evaluate Redirects and Bookmarks

Contact your ActioNet contact to get your office's list of redirects and bookmarks. Redirects should only be in place for 6 months to a year. After this, they need to be evaluated for appropriateness and taken down. See the redirects page for more information.

Web Content Maintenance

Content maintenance is the process of reviewing and improving website content on an ongoing basis. To help determine the maintenance required, EERE expects each office to do a content analysis of its website(s) every year, if possible.

Web Maintenance Planning and Reporting

In June and December every year, Web Coordinators will be asked to attend two special Web Governance Team meetings to report on their website maintenance plans for the rest of the fiscal year. Fill out the Web maintenance template before attending this meeting and email it to the Web Governance Team Facilitator.

For more information, read about EERE's semi-annual website maintenance schedule.

Website Archiving

Once your website has completed its intended purpose, you should archive it. Learn about archiving websites.