Maintenance Plans

This page describes the requirements for developing a maintenance plan for your site. All EERE Web sites must have a maintenance plan that describes when they will review their content throughout the year.

Developing a Maintenance Plan

Maintenance plans are typically developed when the site is first created. Submit your maintenance plan to the Web Governance Team Facilitator. See the Process and Approvals page for information on when to write and submit your plan.

Required and Recommended Maintenance

There are two types of tasks to consider in your maintenance plan: content-related maintenance and technical maintenance.

You must include the required tasks on your maintenance plan. Recommended elements are suggestions, and you can choose whether to include them or not. You can add any other tasks you feel are necessary to maintain your site.

See the Maintenance Plan Template.

Required Maintenance

You must do a content review on all of your websites once a year. During a content review, you must review every Web page on your site and decide:

  • Whether you want to maintain your website or archive it
  • Whether specific Web pages or content need to be updated, removed, or added

The date of your first content review is included on your Project Information Form.

Recommended Maintenance

These are not required. Choose the maintenance tasks that make the most sense for your website. You may want to consider:

  • Scanning for broken links
  • Reviewing the information posted on Contacts pages
  • Reviewing the features, news, and events featured on your home page
  • Doing smaller, section-by-section content reviews throughout the year.

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