Partnership Websites

Partnership websites are websites managed by both the Office of EERE and any external entity, such as another office in the Department of Energy, another federal agency, or a private organization. Offices can choose how to set up the design, navigation, hosting, standards, search, and statistics for partnership websites.

See the quality assurance checklist for partnership websites to learn about the requirements for partnership websites.

If your office is going to create a partnership website, please contact the Web Governance Team before you start.

URLs and Hosting

Partnership websites can be designed as standalone websites or as websites in the standard EERE centralized hosting environment.

If you choose to host your website in the centralized hosting environment, your website will have a standard URL on

If you choose to create a standalone site, you must host it in a secure hosting environment. This may include the EERE hosting environment, another federal agency's hosting environment, or an environment that meets DOE's requirements for certification and accreditation. Ask the Web Governance Team about what type of environment is required before you seek hosting on a non-federal Web server.

Partnership sites may be eligible for unique domains. See the Domains and URLs page for guidance on how to apply for, .GOV, and .ORG domains. Websites using EERE's standard template should follow EERE's normal guidance on domains and URLs.


Partnership websites can use EERE's standard template or create their own. This will affect the navigation, standards, search, and statistics options that will be available to you.

  • If you chose to use EERE's Web template, then your site must use EERE's template and follow EERE's design requirements.

  • If you choose to create a unique design, then you must bring your proposed design to the Web Governance Team. The team must approve the design before you start coding.


How your site's navigation is handled depends on whether your website is in EERE's standard template.

Standards and Requirements

The requirements and standards your site must meet are determined by on whether you chose to use EERE's Web template.

Social Media

EERE-funded partnership sites are required to follow EERE's guidelines for social media. This means that all partnership websites seeking to have an EERE-branded social media website should contact the Web Governance team or the appropriate social media contact before creating their own social media sites.

Statistics and Search

All EERE-funded partnership websites are eligible to use EERE's Google Analytics account. If you want to add Google Analytics account, please contact the EERE Template Coordinator.

EERE's search engine can be used only on websites that are hosted in the EERE's certified and accredited environment. If your website is hosted on the EERE servers, and if you want to use it on your website, contact the EERE Template Coordinator.