Post-Show Tips

These guidelines are designed to help you with the post-show process. This page includes tips for tearing down your exhibit, shipping the exhibit, and collecting your bills.

"Tearing Down" the Exhibit

Take down the display and roll up display graphics with image-side out and using sheet spacers to separate graphics. Take note of any repairs that need to be made to the display—these will need to be reported to Marilyn Burgess after the event.

Pack up unused literature, label boxes, and mail back to your office or contractor. At no time should materials be shipping back in the container with the exhibit.

Shipping the Exhibit and Unused Materials

Follow these guidelines for shipping your exhibit materials.

Bill of Lading

You will need to get a bill of lading from the service desk. Fill out one for every shipping destination. If the exhibit is going to another show, write the date that it must arrive at that show on the bill of lading. That way, if the exhibit is diverted to another carrier, it will still arrive on time. If using FedEx, write the shipment number on the bill of lading.

Shipping Destination

Make sure you know where the exhibit is going. The 10' exhibit goes back to headquarters or NREL, but sometimes goes to another show. You should be provided with this information before the show. You will find shipping labels for your destination address in the display case.

Contacting the Shipper

Fill out a label for your shipping company and call them to arrange or confirm the shipment. You will be told ahead of time which carrier will be used to ship the exhibit, if not FedEx. EERE usually uses FedEx for shipping of the exhibit—especially when the exhibit must reach its next destination right away—but you may use any reputable carrier with whom you already have a business relationship.

Fill out FedEx labels for each case and box. Make sure you have FedEx labels for each container/carton and a FedEx account number for the shipment. You can use DOE's or the subcontractor's number. DOE's FedEx number is 02003411-4.

Call (800) GO-FEDEX when the exhibit is ready for shipping.

Important: Write the FedEx shipment number you receive from the agent onto the bill of lading and on the FedEx forms on your shipment. Sometimes that's all the information FedEx gives to their delivery people when they come to pick up the exhibit, so it's very important that it's on the bill of lading and on the FedEx forms.

Collecting Bills

Follow these tips for collecting bills after the event.

  • Collect bills if the show personnel have them ready in time. Send the bills to the contractor responsible for payment of services/equipment.
  • Back in the office, be sure to follow up
    • With requested literature
    • On calls and referrals
    • Provide card reader disk with contacts to your support contractor.