Pre-Show Checklist

Before you leave for your event, you should check that you are prepared and ready to go.  This checklist was designed to remind you of the steps you are required to take before leaving for your event.

  1. Exhibit (Booth) Space and EERE Display Reserved

    Reserve exhibit space with the show as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more expensive exhibit space will be. The purchase of a 10' x 10' exhibit space (typically, the smallest exhibit space available) is typically recommended. The next largest size is usually a 10'x 20' space. 

    If you will require a "corporate" EERE exhibit for your show, contact  Marilyn Burgess to reserve one. EERE has two large (10') exhibits available.  They are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

  2. Exhibit Space Paid

    The cost of most 10' x 10' exhibit spaces is between $1,000 to $5,000. Sometimes the registration fee covers equipment like tables, chairs or power, but not always. In such instances, you will have to pay separately for these basic items.

    Payment for exhibit space can be made by:

    • A subcontractor
    • Authorized credit card.
  3. Marilyn Burgess Contacted

    Attending a show can be a complicated logistical process. Marilyn Burgess of EERE's Communications Team is available to help you with logistics. Marilyn's phone number is (202)-586-2090. If you are unable to contact Marilyn, please contact Agnes Savoy by email or at (202)-586-0303.

  4. Pre-Show Publicity

    After you purchase exhibit space, be aware that the show may offer free advertising or the opportunity to have EERE, your team or program, and exhibit number listed in pre-show literature. Discuss this with Marilyn Burgess in advance of the show to get mentioned in pre-show publications.

  5. Equipment and Services Ordered and Paid

    Most equipment and services are not included with the cost of exhibit space.

    Payment for exhibit services can be made by:

    • A subcontractor
    • Authorized credit card.

    NOTE: When considering what equipment to order, remember that basic items like chairs, table, carpet, and power are usually not included with the cost of the exhibit.

    Basic items you may need to order for exhibit space include:

    • Table
    • Chairs
    • Trash receptacle
    • Carpet
    • Power
    • Cleaning services

    Additional equipment you may want to order includes:

    • Computer (monitor, CPU, and keyboard may be rented separately)
    • High table for computer
    • Internet connection/phone line
    • Internet browser
    • VCR for videos
    • Card reader

    NOTE: Approximate costs to rent electronic equipment can range from $1,500 to $3,000 for audio/visual and computer equipment for a 3-day show, and $250 for the card reader. Check with show services for exact costs.

  6. Exhibit Staffing Plan

    You will need to develop a staffing plan for the show. Decide who will attend the show from your team or program area. Consider contract support if you need additional staffing at the exhibit.

    Usually, it's best to plan on having at least two people staff an exhibit at a trade show or conference. That way, if one person takes a break, has lunch, or engages with a customer, another person is available to staff the exhibit or answer questions. If you're having multiple staff at an exhibit, it's a good idea to develop a schedule delineating coverage times for everyone. Keep in mind that it's generally not recommended to have more than two people at a 10' booth simultaneously as this tends to overcrowd the booth.

  7. Staff Pre-Registered

    In many cases, the show will give exhibitors several complementary full registrations. You should also receive complementary exhibit-only badges. If you have more staff members attending the show than complementary passes, some staff members will need to register. Usually they can register for full-conference or exhibit-only admissions.

  8. Display/Publications/Supplies Shipped

    Before you ship anything to the show, you will need an address, name, and phone number to ship to, and shipping deadlines. (If you miss deadlines, you could pay substantial late fees.) In most cases, you will have two options regarding shipping destinations. These include shipping to the warehouse or shipping directly to the show site:

    • Warehouse – This option is usually associated with exhibiting at a convention center. Keep in mind that you will need to ship to the warehouse a few weeks before the show.
    • Show Site – Shipping to the show site usually requires that the exhibit and handouts reach the show site no earlier than a day or two before the show begins.

    Shipping the Display

    Marilyn Burgess keeps one large EERE exhibit at headquarters, and one is kept at NREL. Marilyn Burgess will determine whether an exhibit gets shipped from headquarters or NREL.

    Selecting and Shipping Publications

    Decide what handout materials you would like to ship to the show. Think about materials for your team as well as EERE corporate materials and materials from other programs that are relevant to show attendees. Marilyn Burgess can help you select items to send and can recommend quantities based on past show experience. Be sure to discuss your needs for handout materials with Ms. Burgess at least three weeks prior to the show or conference.

    All publications should be shipped at the same time to avoid incurring extra costs. Publications should be shipped to the warehouse, if possible. You are responsible for shipping publications and any other desired supplies.

    Be sure to call the shipping destination to confirm that your shipment has arrived.

  9. Travel Clearance

    Travel to all shows and conferences needs to be pre-approved by EE, so get your travel approved early.

  10. Supplies

    It's suggested that you ship exhibit supplies with your publications such as:

    • Scissors
    • Filament tape (for return boxes)
    • FedEx labels and FedEx account number
    • Mailing labels
    • Service orders (indicate the items you've purchased and what you should expect at your space when you arrive)
    • Show agenda
    • Show layout
    • Your authorized credit card number to pay for services (in the event you need to purchase anything after you arrive at the show)
  11. Show Address and Exhibit Number

    Remember to bring this information along so you won't have problems finding the event site. Also, remind others attending the show to bring this information with them as well.