U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

EERE Communication Standards & Guidelines

Social Media

Social media are tools and networks that allow individuals, groups, and organizations to create, combine, share, discuss, edit, organize, and collaborate on content. Social media websites and tools provide a unique opportunity to connect with people who are interested and engaged in your program's work.

All questions about social media should be directed toward your team's media team contact.


AddThis allows users to share links to your Web pages on various social networks. AddThis is available through the OpenText content management system, and any office can place the AddThis button on their site. AddThis is a standard part of the current EERE template.


Any program may run a blog. See the blog standards for the requirements and best practices.

Bulletin Boards

EERE has its own bulletin board system. If you want to create a board for your website, email Alex Clayborne.

Every EERE bulletin board must have at least one moderator and a back-up moderator to read, review, and delete comments as necessary. Your board can be either restricted to a certain group or open to the public.


EERE's offices cannot have their own Facebook accounts. Instead, they are encouraged to provide content to the EERE Facebook (for general EERE communications) or to the Energy Saver Facebook (for general public and consumer-oriented communications). Contact your media team contact if you are interested in submitting information to either of these accounts. Note that it will take up to 2 business days to post an item on the EERE or Energy Saver Facebook accounts.

Some key programs and partnerships (like Solar Decathlon) may be eligible for their own Facebook accounts. If you feel a project you are working on requires a Facebook account, email your media team contact.


Offices may not create their own Flickr accounts. However, all programs are welcome to submit pictures to the U.S. Department of Energy's Flickr account. Contact your media team contact if you have images you want to post on Flickr.


Ask your media team contact before planning a MySpace account. They are discouraged unless you have a proposal that explains why MySpace is the correct venue for your content.

RSS Feeds

All offices are encouraged to use RSS feeds to help visitors keep up with updates to their content. For guidance, see the RSS Feed page.


Currently, Twitter is restricted to the DOE level. If you have a post for the DOE Twitter Account, please contact your media team contact.


Offices may post videos on the DOE Vimeo channel.

All videos must follow EERE's video requirements. Send your video to your program's media contact.


Widgets (also known as "gadgets") are small bits of code that users can place on their own website, blog, or social networking site. Widgets are especially effective when information is regularly updated, either manually or with an RSS feed.

For a list of widgets used on the EERE website, see the EERE Social Media page. To get your widget listed on EERE's Social Media page, please contact Allison Casey.

All programs can make widgets. For more information, see the widgets page.


Offices may not have their own YouTube channels, but they may post videos on the DOE YouTube channel. Some high-level EERE programs, like Solar Decathlon, have their own YouTube channels. Please e-mail your media team contact if you believe your website requires its own independent channel.

If you want your video posted on DOE's YouTube channel, send a copy of your video to your media team contact. Videos on YouTube must meet EERE's video requirements. DOE's YouTube channel is designed for the general public, so only short, easy-to-understand, engaging videos are accepted for this channel.