U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

EERE Communication Standards & Guidelines


EERE maintains its unified online identity by requiring most of its websites to be designed in the EERE Web template. All websites in the eere.energy.gov domain should be in this standard template. Partnership sites with unique URLs may sometimes have their own look and feel.

If you have questions about the current or former Web templates, contact Chris Stewart.

EERE Website Template

All Web pages on the eere.energy.gov domain should be in the EERE template. The current template includes a blue version for corporate sites and a green version for office sites.  Individual pages can have either two columns (with a left and center column) or three (which also includes a right column).


All new sites in OpenText will be automatically created in the current EERE template.

In-Template Sites Hosted on Other Servers

If your site isn't hosted in OpenText but will still be in the template, you'll need to download the EERE template files. Contact Chris Stewart to get these files.

Partnership Sites and Template Exceptions

"Partnership sites" are websites that are created as part of a partnership with an external program or entity. If EERE is not the primary funding source for a website, or if EERE does not maintain primary editorial control over a partnership site, it may not have to be in the EERE template.  Read about the requirements for Partnership Web sites.

Special websites—like secretarial initiatives—may sometimes not be designed in the EERE template.

If you have a project that you feel is unique enough to fall outside of the EERE template, contact the Web Governance Team.

Please note that all EERE websites—even partnership sites and other exceptions—must still meet the requirements for federally-funded websites, such as the accessibility requirements in Section 508.

Designing in the EERE Template

If you're making products to go on an EERE website, you will want to use EERE's color palette:

94, 106, 113 3C4349
0, 91, 130 004063
0, 121, 52 006021
0, 169, 224 1F82BB
122, 184, 0 5AA83B
254, 203, 0 FABD17
227, 114, 34 D85D19

See the graphic requirements to learn how wide graphics can be in 2- and 3-column layouts.

Text and Color Contrast

Use the WebAIM contrast checker for all text in the body of your websites and in your images. All text should be designed with high enough color contrast to meet at least AA-level conformance on W3C's Web Contrast Accessibility Guidelines.