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EERE Communication Standards & Guidelines

Web Governance Team

The Web Governance Team (WGT) reviews and approves all new EERE Web projects and website redesigns. The WGT also has the final approval to send all Web projects live. The team is made up of key individuals from the EERE Communications Team, including the Web Enterprise Manager, Project Manager, Template Coordinator, and the EERE Technical Lead.

What Does the Web Governance Team Do?

The WGT helps ensure that all projects on EERE meet EERE's Web business, template, and technical requirements and provides consulting support to EERE Web project teams.

When the project is completed, the WGT reviews it and provides final go-live approval. All EERE Web projects must be approved before they can be sent live.

The Web Governance Team meets by phone every Thursday at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Contact the Web Governance Team Facilitator before noon on Wednesday to get on that week's schedule.

When Do You Meet With the Web Governance Team?

How many times you meet with the WGT depends on your project:

  • Most projects need to visit the WGT twice: Once to review the project plan before it's developed and once to review the final project and to give approval to send it live. Between those two meetings, the project team will need to provide brief (one- or two-sentence) monthly updates on the project via email to the WGT. The meeting notes and monthly project updates are kept on the WGT's wiki repository of project information.
  • Some usability projects, such as surveys, might only meet with the WGT once at the start of the project, or might not have to meet with the WGT at all, depending on whether or not the WGT has questions about the project after reviewing the project info form. See the Process and Approvals page for more information.
  • Long-term projects might have additional meetings with the WGT. These periodic meetings will help the WGT understand how your project is progressing.

If you aren't sure how many meetings you'll need to plan on, ask the Web Governance Team Facilitator.

Your team lead is responsible for scheduling all of your meetings with the Web Governance Team Facilitator.

What Does the Web Governance Team Review?

You should set up a meeting with the WGT when you're starting:

  • New Web projects such as websites, Web applications, mobile applications, widgets, or special features
  • Redesigns of existing websites and applications
  • User-centered design projects, such as surveys or usability testing research studies.

Depending on the project, you may need to fill out a project information form (either for standard projects or user-centered design projects) and a project charter. Read the Process and Approvals page for a summary of the typical Web development process.

When do I need the WGT's Approval for a Redesign of an Existing Website?

The Web Governance Team reviews major redesigns of existing websites. Major redesigns are when you make a major change or major addition to an existing website—such as changing the template, adding new sections to a website, or reorganizing the content on your website into a new structure.

The WGT does not review everyday maintenance work. You do not need the WGT's approval to make minor changes to navigation (such as adding or changing existing labels), add pages, or create or delete existing content.

If you're not sure if your project needs to be brought to the WGT, ask the Web Governance Team Facilitator.