Product Governance Team

The EERE Product Governance Team (PGT) reviews the publications, exhibits, logos, and templates for all EERE communications products. The PGT manages the product review process.

Team Members

The PGT includes the following members:

  • Two to three EERE Communications Office Team members with varied communications expertise (e.g. product design and content review)
  • One EERE Policy and Analysis Team member
  • One Stakeholder Engagement Team member
  • Two EERE community communications representatives. These may be laboratory or contractor communications representatives with expertise in design, content review, and the EERE style guide, and/or audience targeting and dissemination strategies.

The entire team will have input on pre-approval of the product at a bimonthly meeting. Final approval for the product will be given by one of the EERE Communications Office Team members.

Product Review Process Roles and Responsibilities

  • EERE Product Governance Team: Accountable for ensuring that EERE develops high quality, well-targeted, current, and identifiable materials that are disseminated and updated appropriately. Meets every other week. 
  • EERE Office Requestor/Subject Matter Expert: Accountable to ensure his or her product's content aligns with both the goals of EERE and the respective EERE office.
  • Laboratory Requestor (as applicable): Responsible for coordinating with the EERE Office Requestor and the EERE Office Communications Lead to ensure the product fits into office's communications strategy.
  • EERE Office Communications Lead: Accountable for attending PGT meetings for any product his or her office produces, articulating how each product fits into his or her office and, when applicable, EERE's communications strategy. Responsible for ensuring the product adheres to EERE identity and content requirements.
  • Laboratory or Contractor Communications Contact (as applicable): Responsible for implementing the project and meeting EERE requirements. May also articulate how product fits into overall strategy.
  • EERE PGT Facilitator: Facilitates meetings, documents agreements, and maintains list of current and past projects.