Product Review Process and Approvals

Publications, exhibits, logos, and templates developed by EERE staff, laboratories, and contractors must be reviewed and approved by the Product Governance Team (PGT). The PGT meets every other week.

Before You Start Your Project

Before you contact the PGT, you should decide your project's scope and goals. Some key questions you should answer include:

  • Should EERE develop this communications product or should a partnering organization develop it?
  • Who is the audience? What is the most effective way to reach that audience? For example, is a fact sheet the most appropriate communication method to share a success story with industry? Are there other communication methods that might be more fitting, such as an electronic newsletter, presentation, Web page, or Web card?
  • If you're designing a new logo or template, will existing identifiers, logos, and templates meet your needs?

What Products Should be Reviewed by the Product Governance Team?

You will need to schedule a pre-approval review and final approval with the PGT if you are designing one of the following products:

  • Logos
  • Templates
  • Outreach publications, including but not limited to fact sheets, brochures, booklets, and e-books
  • Exhibits
  • Technical reports with EERE or national laboratory branding that cover a topic that is highly visible with stakeholders, is politically sensitive, or has high impact
  • All new products or products with significant updates
  • Products paid for by EERE to support EERE offices, activities, and partnerships
  • Any other products covered by the identity guidelines described on page three of the Identity and Design Guidelines.

The PGT does not need to review:

  • Presentations
  • Logos and templates that have previously been approved
  • Technical reports using national laboratory branding that do not cover a topic that is highly visible with stakeholders, is politically sensitive, or has high impact
  • Products that have been previously published and only have minor updates (10 or fewer changes).

Getting Pre-Approval to Develop a Product

In this phase, you will define your product's audience, purpose, and format. You should start this process before you start work on your product.

  • Determine whether the product needs to go through the review and approval process based on the above criteria. If you have questions about the criteria, send an email to
  • Complete the Product Information Form.
  • Email the form to
  • The PGT Facilitator will contact you to schedule your attendance at the next PGT meeting. Meetings are held every other week.
  • Meet with the PGT to discuss your product, receive feedback, and to receive approval to develop your product.

Designing Your Product

Once you've received approval to develop your project, you can start work. Follow EERE's standards and guidelines when developing and designing your products:

Final Publishing Approval

Once the product is approved for development and completed, the PGT reviews the product to make certain it meets EERE product requirements and gives approval to publish the product. To obtain PGT final approval on your product, follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure your product meets the requirements in the Product Quality Assurance Checklist.

  2. Email a PDF of the product to Format the subject line as follows:
    Final Approval Request – Title of Product – Requested Approval Date

    The email should include the following information:

    • Product Name (should be the same as your pre-approval request)
    • EERE Office
    • EERE Office requestor name, email, and phone number
    • Requestor comments (if needed)
  3. Receive review comments from one of the members of the PGT. For products with five or fewer pages, allow three business days to receive comments or approval. For products with six or more pages, allow four business days to receive comments or approval.

  4. If you're approved, you may publish your product. If the PGT requests changes, allow for an additional review after changes are made.

  5. If appropriate, submit your product to the EERE Publications Library.

If you have questions about the Product Review Process please contact,