Product Quality Assurance Checklists

These Quality Assurance Checklists list the requirements for EERE publication and exhibit communication products.

Office Checklist

The EERE Office Requestor, Subject Matter Expert, and/or the EERE Office Communications Lead should ensure the product meets the following requirements.

Content is written for its intended audience(s).
Content is free from grammatical errors and typos.
Content aligns with current EERE messaging.
Content follows the EERE style guide.
Content has been reviewed by EERE Office Requestor and/or laboratory point of contact.
Product has undergone final edit and design review.
Product follows EERE identity requirements.
Product meets the items listed in the Product Governance Team Checklist, below

Product Governance Team Checklist

The PGT will review products based on the following requirements.

Correctly uses the EERE or DOE identifier or other approved logo.
Correctly uses the EERE color palette.
Correctly uses EERE fonts.
Includes the proper placement of EERE identifier on the front of all EERE communication products and, for products with two or more pages, on the back cover.
Photo credits are included.
Photos, figures, and tables are of high quality and resolution, are clear and appropriately sized, and are accurately labeled.
Square corners are used on layout elements such as photos and sidebars. In some cases, outlined photos may be approved.
Includes correct formatting and spacing throughout document.
Uses proper URL formats (no www) and short URLs wherever possible.
Includes page numbers for documents with more than two pages.
Includes a DOE publication number.
Includes the publication date.
Has no grammatical errors.*
Has no misspellings.*
Includes factually accurate and best source information.*
Is consistent with EERE front-office messaging.*
Any areas of concern or risk are understood and have been cleared by the appropriate parties (Office Director, EERE Front Office, Public Affairs, and others).

*The PGT will review selected content on long documents.