Project Charters

This page describes the requirements for writing a project character. Project charters describe the scope, goals, and deliverables that you plan to complete for an upcoming project.

Writing a Project Charter

You must write a project charter for all new projects on the EERE Web site that require a sizable effort (10 hours of work or more) to complete. The Process and Approvals page describes when you should submit your charter and to whom.

Project charters are designed to help you see how your proposed project will fit into the bigger picture, and will help the Web Governance Team and your own project team understand the scope, schedule, and budget of the project.

Download EERE's Project Charter Template

Writing a Blog Charter

If you are interested in developing a blog, you will need to fill out EERE's Blog Charter.  This charter was developed to ask specific questions to help you clarify your plans for a blog, and includes questions about the volume and type of posts you're planning on writing.

For more information about EERE's blog standards, see the Blogs page.

Download EERE's Blog Charter Template.

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