QA Checklist for In-Template Sites

This is the Quality Assurance (QA) Checklist for all sites that are in the EERE template, but are not hosted in the content management system. See the QA Checklists for other types of EERE Web sites on the QA Checklist page.

All Websites

  • A "Skip navigation" link is available for screen users to bypass repetitive navigation and go straight to the content More Information
  • The page content is understandable with the style sheets turned off

EERE Websites — General

  • The site is in the EERE Template More Information
  • The EERE style sheet is used
  • Native files (docs, xls, etc) are kept in the /docs/ directory More Information
  • Images are kept in the /images/ directory More Information
  • Multimedia and video files are kept in the /media/ directory More Information
  • The site works in 1024 x 768 monitor resolution More Information
  • The site works in all of the browsers in the EERE Testing Suite More Information
  • Elements that should not be indexed by the EERE search engine, such as navigation and search and site utilities are surrounded by "stopindex" tags. More Information
  • Links leaving EERE use the "leaving DOE" site notice pop-up More Information

EERE Websites — Specific Template Elements

EERE Header

The following links exist in the header and are coded to the correct locations:

  • US Department of Energy | Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
  • EERE Home | Programs & Offices | Consumer Information

Program/Subsite Header

  • Site title is formatted correctly
  • Site title is linked from second-level pages but not from first
  • Top nav, if included, is in correct format and the links all work


  • The search box title is correct
  • The search code is functioning correctly. (Ask the EERE Template Coordinator to confirm.)
  • Includes link to "Search Help" beneath the search box


  • Breadcrumbs correctly reflect the website hierarchy and are linked correctly
  • Breadcrumbs use the same words and formatting as the left navigation


  • If the website doesn't include a Site Map, the style sheet has been properly adjusted to move the "Printable Version" and "Share" links to right
  • The "Printable Version" works
  • "Share" uses correct, accessible EERE code
  • Links are dark gray with an orange mouseover

Left Navigation

  • All links work
  • Links:
    • Are dark gray
    • Have a light gray background for the mouseover
    • Have a light gray background when "on"
  • When you are on a page with left navigation, the current navigation is enclosed in a gray box and is not linked
  • If you're on a page not listed in the left navigation, the parent page is enclosed in a gray box and is linked
  • First level links are bold, second level links are indented, and third level links are indented with dash in front of them
  • Includes only approved items beneath the left navigation:
    • Quick Links
    • Special Features
  • If the site includes Quick links, the links are orange and not underlined, and the mouseover is dark gray and underlined
  • If the site includes special features in the left navigation, they:
    • Are green or blue)
    • Are not underlined
    • Have an arrow
    • Have a dark gray mouseover
    • Are not underlined

Right Column

  • Includes only approved items:
    • News
    • Events
    • Features
    • Featured Publications
    • Find What You Needed
  • Links for all items are dark gray, bold, and not underlined,  with an orange, underlined mouseover
  • News is correctly formatted
  • Events is correctly formatted
  • Featured Publications are correctly formatted
  • Features images are 54 x 49 pixels
  •  "More" links are green (or blue), have an orange mouseover orange, and include an arrow

Center Column — Program Highlights

  • H4 links:
    • Are italicized
    • Are Orange
    • Are not underlined
    • Include an arrow
    • Have a dark gray, underlined mouseover
  • Regular links (except in features) are orange and underlined. The mouseover color is dark gray
  • Headers are green, all caps, and have lines under them
  • Features are entirely clickable, have arrows, and the mouseover is white and covers the entire feature
  • If a link to the top of the page is included, it must be labeled "Back to Top" and uses the EERE:"backtotop" style


  • Links are dark gray and not underlined. On mouseover, they are gray and have a gray underline
  • Includes all of the footer links:
    • Contacts
    • Web Site Policies
    • U.S. Department of Energy
  • "Content Last Updated" date is included

Center Content

  • Links are orange and underlined, and the mouseover is gray and underlined
  • Linked H2s are not underlined except on mouseover and include an arrow after them
  • Uses the standard two- or three-column format, depending on what content exists on that page


  • Google Analytics code and jQuery are included

Title Tags

  • Title Tag is correctly formatted More Information

Links to Native Documents and PDFs

  • Links are followed by the appropriate icon

Printable Versions

  • "Printable Version" includes:
    • U.S. Department of Energy – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
    • Program Name: Subsite Name (if applicable)
    • H1
    • Body
    • Footer


  • Images are 54 x 49 pixels More Information
  • The feature text is coded in HTML