Web Roles and Responsibilities

The EERE website has dozens of contributors from DOE, the labs, and various contractors to the 130 website areas that comprise EERE's Web presence. This page outlines the major roles and responsibilities for EERE's offices and programs and how they support the EERE website.

The Communications Team

These are the key roles within the EERE Communications Team who work on the EERE website and their responsibilities.

EERE Web Enterprise Manager

The EERE Web Enterprise Manager, Karla Olsen, manages the EERE website, approves all new sites, domain requests, and new navigation, and directly oversees all changes made on the EERE corporate level sites. The EERE Web enterprise manager represents EERE at DOE Web policy meetings, manages Communications and EERE Web contractors, and oversees redesigns, new Web applications on EERE corporate-level pages, and overall EERE Web publishing and reporting.

EERE Web Project Manager

The EERE Web Project Manager, Carolyn Hinkley, manages daily updates and features on the EERE corporate sites, creates new corporate pages and projects to enhance the EERE website, and leads EERE's social media activities.

EERE Web System Administrator

The Web System Administrator, Alex Clayborne, manages the EERE Centralized Web Hosting Environment and the OpenText Content Management System. Alex and his team also assist the Web Coordinators and their lead contractors with requesting domain names from the Office of the CIO.

The EERE Offices

These are the key roles within the EERE Offices who work on the EERE website and their responsibilities.

DOE Program Director

Each DOE Program Manager is accountable for approving all new sites, redesigns, and special domain requests. They are also responsible for assigning their site area Web Coordinator to their respective Web site.

Web Coordinators

Every major program represented on the EERE site has a Web coordinator who is responsible for overseeing all Web activities in their office. Web coordinators also manage the day to day changes and maintenance of the office websites. They must be DOE employees. Web coordinators have the following responsibilities:

  • Monitor and update their office websites
  • Ensure that the program director reviews and approves all new sites, redesigns, Web applications, and URL requests
  • Provide guidance to and direct Web project teams to the correct resources
  • Guide office staff and contractors in required maintenance tasks
  • Report total program website expenditures for annual budget reporting as part of EERE Congressional budget preparation
  • Oversee OpenText maintenance agreement with ActioNET for support to office websites
  • Attend EERE Web Coordinator meetings.

See the list of EERE Web coordinators to find a Web coordinator for a specific office.

The Web Governance Team

All new Web projects need to follow the guidelines at the Process and Approvals page. All new projects must be run by the Web Governance Team.

The Web Governance Team helps project teams comply with government and EERE standards in the Web environment. The Web Governance Team consists of the EERE Web Enterprise manager, the EERE Web project manager, the Web template coordinator, the Web technical manager, and the Web Governance Team Facilitator.

Web Governance Team Facilitator

The Web Governance Team Facilitator is the liaison between the EERE Web Web Governance Team and the Web site project team. The facilitator is also responsible for managing the Web Governance Team's documentation.