Web Site Publication Priorities and Schedules

Section 207(f)(2) of the E-Government Act of 2002 requires that all federal agencies keep a public inventory of all content that exists on the EERE Web site, and a list of planned, future content that will be added to the site. For more information about the Web content inventory and the E-Gov Act, please visit Section 207 of the E-Gov Act, or the WebContent.gov guidance for Priorities and Schedules for Posting Content.

If you have comments about EERE's Web publication priorities or schedules, please contact us.

Existing Content

For a list of all content that currently exists on the EERE Web site, see one of the EERE indexes:

Publication Priorities

EERE is regularly adding to and updating its Web sites. As a general rule, this new and updated content is added to the site as soon as it has been finalized by the U.S. Department of Energy and released to the public.

However, some content is considered higher priority than others. This section describes what kinds of content take highest priority, and addresses how quickly these are posted to the Web.

Priority 1: Content Required by Federal Law

EERE's highest priority is content that EERE is required by law, regulation, presidential directive, or other official directive to post on its Web site. This content is posted as soon as it is publicly available, and is usually posted within 24 hours of its release. Additionally, this content is often announced through EERE press releases, EERE home page news stories, or Progress Alerts.

Top priority content includes:

  • Agency reports and plans, including:
    • Strategic plans
    • Annual and performance reports
    • Performance and accountability reports
  • Privacy and accessibility notices

Priority 2: Content Required to Support EERE's Mission and Goals

EERE's second highest priority is content that is considered mission-critical to the EERE Programs and Offices. This content often supports the goals and missions of the EERE Programs and Offices. High priority content is posted as soon as it is vetted and made publicly available.

This includes content such as:

  • General technology information
  • Deployment information
  • Policy information
  • Budget information

Priority 3: Content Required to Support the Public

EERE's next priority is to post information or services that are frequently requested by users, or content that would improve EERE's organizational business processes or customer service. This content is posted as soon as it is approved by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Time-sensitive content such as news stories and financial opportunities are often posted within 24-48 hours of their release. Other content is added as it becomes available.

This includes content such as:

Priority 4: Maintaining Existing Content

It is an EERE requirement that all sites conduct a yearly review of their content to assure that it is up-to-date. This is generally done through annual maintenance plans, or targeted updates such as content maintenance or technical maintenance.

These maintenance plans assure that every EERE site is minimally reviewed once a year. This encourages sites to identify content gaps and errors, which can then be corrected.