EERE maintains a unified online identity by requiring its websites to be in the Energy.gov Drupal environment and use common EERE navigation. Some partnership websites have their own look and feel.

If you have questions about the current or former Web templates, contact the EERE Template Coordinator.

Energy.gov Template

EERE websites should be hosted in the Energy.gov Drupal environment. These websites use Energy.gov's standard Drupal template.

Template Exceptions

Websites may be approved to be hosted outside of Energy.gov when EERE is contributing funds to an activity, but is not the primary sponsor and doesn't have primary editorial control over the website. These are considered partnership websites. The Web Governance Team (WGT) must pre-approve partnership websites. Read about the requirements for partnership websites.

The WGT must approve any other requests for websites that will not use the Energy.gov template.

Please note that all EERE websites—even partnership websites—must meet the requirements for federally-funded websites, such as the accessibility requirements in Section 508.