PowerPoint Presentation Templates

The EERE PowerPoint templates can be used for all EERE presentations. They provide a consistent look and feel for all presentations given by the EERE's offices. The templates below do not include any content or material.

All templates are available in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Calibri is the default font for all templates.

Larger Image Template

This template has larger images and is available in blue, green, gray, black, and white.

Screenshot of the green, large image template. Enlarge image  

Larger Image Template – Blue
Larger Image Template – Green
Larger Image Template – Gray
Larger Image Template – Black
Larger Image Template – White

Mosaic Template With White Slides

This version of the EERE template includes a mosaic on the title slide and white slides.

Image of the mosaic template with white slides Enlarge image  

Mosaic Template – Blue
Mosaic Template – Green

"Three Pillars" Template

These templates are designed to match EERE's "three pillars" messaging.

Screenshot of the Renewable Energy Generation template. Enlarge image

Energy-Saving Homes, Buildings, and Manufacturing Template

  Screenshot of the Energy-Saving Homes, Buildings, and Manufacturing template. Enlarge image

Renewable Electricity Generation Template

  Screenshot of the Sustainable Transportation template. Enlarge image

Sustainable Transportation Template