Web Governance, Roles, and Responsibilities

The Web Governance Team works with EERE's Web Coordinators to manage all of EERE's websites and Web applications. Learn about the roles and responsibilities within the Office of EERE, how the Web Governance Team works, and see the minutes and presentations from the monthly EERE Web Coordinator Meetings.

Roles and Responsibilities on the EERE Website

Learn about the EERE's Communications Team, the EERE Web Coordinators, and the Web Governance Team.

The Web Governance Team

Learn about what the Web Governance Team is, what projects they review, and how to submit a project to the team.

Web Coordinator Meetings

The Communications Team and the EERE Web Coordinators meet once a month to discuss Web-related work. See their presentations and minutes.

EERE Web Site Reports

EERE produces regular reports about its websites, including the EERE Annual Report and periodic analysis and progress reports.