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Home Office and Home Electronics

In the U.S., nearly 4.2 million people worked from home in 2000, up from 3.4 million in 1990. Working from home saves energy and time by cutting out the commute, but it may increase your home energy bills a lot unless you use energy-saving office equipment.

ENERGY STAR labeled office equipment is widely available: it provides users with dramatic savings, as much as 90% savings for some products. Overall, ENERGY STAR labeled office products use about half the electricity of standard equipment. Along with saving energy directly, this equipment can reduce air-conditioning loads, noise from fans and transformers, and electromagnetic field emissions from monitors.

Home Office Tips

Shop for ENERGY STAR Products for Offices

  • Computers
  • Copiers
  • Fax Machines
  • Monitors
  • Multifunction Devices (fax, scanner, copier)
  • Printers
  • Scanners

Image of a while laptop with the Energy Star label.

Keep Your Home Office Efficient with ENERGY STAR
Home offices are increasingly popular. Be sure to use ENERGY STAR office equipment to save electricity.

Long-Term Savings Tip

Home Electronics Tips

Shop for ENERGY STAR Home Electronics

  • Cordless Phones
  • Televisions
  • VCRs and DVD Players
  • Combination Units (TV/VCR; TV/DVD)
  • Home Audio
  • Set-Top Boxes

Image of a smart power strip with an on/off switch, constant hot outlets, a control outlet, and additional outlets.

Smart power strips help save wasted energy.

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