Comparing Light Bulbs

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Lesson Plans/Activity: Comparing Light Bulbs Adode PDF
Grades: K-4 , 5-8
Subject: Energy Efficiency and Conservation

In this exercise, students will use a light to demonstrate the difference between being energy-efficient and energy-wasteful, and learn what energy efficiency means. After the lesson, they should be able to discuss the following:

  • How does using less energy help our environment?
  • Do compact fluorescent light bulbs and standard light bulbs create the same amount of light?
  • How do you know if one light bulb is more efficient than another light bulb?
  • W
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Curriculum: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology
Plan Time:30 minutes

National Standards: K-4

  • PRI-A: 1.b. Plan and conduct a simple investigation.
  • PRI-A: 1.c. Employ simple equipment and tools to gather data and extend the senses.
  • PRI-A: 1.d. Use data to construct a reasonable explanation.
  • PRI-A: 1.e. Communicate investigations and explanations.
  • PRI-F: 3.c. The supply of many resources is limited. If used, resources can be extended through recycling and decreased use.

National Standards: 5-8
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Compact fluorescent bulb, incandescent bulb, thermometer

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