Take the Energy Action Challenge

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Lesson Plans/Activity: Take the Energy Action Challenge Adode PDF
Grades: 9-12
Subject: Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Students will work in pairs or small groups to apply knowledge of energy-wise habits to evaluate energy use in their homes and schools and make recommendations for improved efficiency. They will use an energy audit tool to collect data on their home and school energy habits and present an action plan to their class. Further communication at the school and district level is encouraged.

Curriculum: Math, Social Studies, Communications
Plan Time:Two class periods

National Standards: 9-12

  • SEC-F: 3.b. The earth does not have infinite resources; increasing human consumption places severe stress on the natural processes that renew some resources, and depletes those resources that cannot be renewed.
  • SEC-F: 4.b. Materials from human societies affect both physical and chemical cycles of the earth.
  • SEC-F: 4.c. Many factors influence environmental quality. Factors that students might investigate include population growth, r
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Handouts included; cameras (optional but preferable).

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