Life With Energy

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Lesson Plans/Activity: Life With Energy Adode PDF
Grades: K-4
Subject: Energy Basics

Students will describe ways in which technology affects the environment, both negatively and positively, and identify different forms of energy and their advantages/disadvantages. They will also determine the benefits as well as the environmental harms of using energy to improve our quality of life.

Curriculum: Social Studies, Math, Physical Science
Plan Time:One class period

National Standards: K-4

  • PRI-A: 1.a Ask a question about objects, organisms, and events in the environment.
  • PRI-A: 1.d. Use data to construct a reasonable explanation
  • PRI-A: 2.d. Scientists develop explanations using observations (evidence) and what they already know (scientific knowledge). Good explanations are based on investigations. B: 1.a. Objects have many observable properties, including size, weight, shape, color, temperature, and the ability to react
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Worksheet included. The teacher may want to bring in some electric or battery-powered appliances to demonstrate how we use electricity in our daily lives. To demonstrate the weight of one pound, 20 pounds, and a gallon, the teacher may want to bring in something that weighs a pound, and an empty gallon container.

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