Solar Cell Simulation

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Lesson Plans/Activity: Solar Cell Simulation Adode PDF
Grades: K-4
Subject: Solar

Students model the flow of energy from the sun as it enters a photovoltaic cell, moves along a wire and powers a load. The game-like atmosphere involves the younger students and helps them understand the continuous nature of the flow of energy. For a related lesson, please see the activity “Solar Powered System” (PDF 430 KB). Download Adobe Reader.

Curriculum: Science
Plan Time:30 minutes

National Standards: K-4

  • PRI-B: 3.a. Light travels in a straight line until it strikes an object. Light can be reflected by a mirror, refracted by a lens, or absorbed by the object.
  • PRI-B: 3.c. Electricity in circuits can produce light, heat, sound, and magnetic effects. Electrical circuits require a complete loop through which an electrical current can pass.


Open area (field or playground); chalk or traffic tape to outline areas; bell; 40 ft string or rope, with 10 knots 2 feet apart (the rest is unknotted). Knot the two ends of rope together in a large circle.

Owner: Florida Solar Energy Center