Dow Energy Efficiency and Conservation (Text Version)

Below is a text version of the Dow Chemical video, which describes Dow's commitment to improving energy efficiency engaging the new ISO 50001 standard.

Hello, my name is Joe Almaguer, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Leader for The Dow Chemical Company.

Here at Dow, the efficient use of energy has been one of our core values ever since Herbert Dow founded the company in 1897.

With worldwide manufacturing operations supplying over 5,000 products, we are one of the world's largest industrial energy consumers.

In fact, over 40% of the cost to produce our products is related to energy, so it is only natural that reducing our costs and improving our competitiveness through energy efficiency has been a long standing priority for us.

Through our sustained drive, we have made significant improvements in our energy performance.

Since 1994, we have reduced our manufacturing energy intensity by over 25 percent.

These improvements, however, would not have been possible without first establishing and implementing a comprehensive energy management system across Dow.

A system that effectively institutionalizes a set of management best practices and principles throughout the organization assuring that energy efficiency is imbedded into the way we think and act.

Dow is a company that is committed to energy efficiency and in the broader sense, to energy sustainability... And not just in our own manufacturing processes, but in the many products we supply that contribute to lower energy consumption in a wide variety of end-use applications, and through our advocacy efforts and partnerships with the Department of Energy, the U.S. Council for Energy-Efficient Manufacturing, and many others.

A couple of projects that we are particularly excited about are the completion and launch of the ISO 50001, Management System for Energy, and the Superior Energy Performance Certification Program.

ISO 50001 provides the framework for establishing a comprehensive and effective energy management system.

The standard enumerates the key elements needed to embark on a journey of continuous energy performance improvement.

And while the standard is comprehensive, it is not overly prescriptive and offers plenty of flexibility for implementation by organizations of various types and sizes.

The other program, which in fact we helped to test and pilot at Dow facilities through the Texas Industries of the Future Pilot Group, is the Superior Energy Performance Certification Program.

SEP brings together the ISO Management System and an energy performance component.

Which works as a roadmap toward continuous improvement in energy efficiency, therefore drives long-term success.

Utilizing these energy management system tools, while being an active participant in their creation, has allowed us to reach new levels of energy efficiency at Dow that would prove beneficial for any organization or company.

By focusing on continuous improvement, there is great potential for optimizing energy performance.

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Thank you.