Energy Incentive Programs, Oklahoma

Updated November 2013

Oklahoma utilities budgeted over $45 million in 2012 for energy efficiency and load management programs.

What public-purpose-funded energy efficiency programs are available in my state?

Oklahoma has no public-purpose-funded energy efficiency programs.

What utility energy efficiency programs are available to me?

Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OGE) offers rebates for qualifying energy-efficient lighting (including LED technology, controls and sensors and custom projects)and flexible incentives of $250/kW of peak demand reduction for a variety of other energy efficiency upgrades including motors, compressed air, HVAC equipment and performance contracting. OGE also offers free seminars on improving energy efficiency through its Energy Technology Center.

OGE's geothermal program provides guidance on installation of geothermal heating and cooling systems. Some projects may be eligible for financial incentives.

AEP Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) offers engineering services to identify energy efficiency opportunities and financial incentives for installing efficient equipment, including HVAC, lighting, kitchen equipment and custom measures in existing facilities and new construction projects.

CenterPoint Energy offers rebates to commercial and industrial customers for a variety of efficient natural gas equipment, including boilers and boiler components, other heating systems, water heaters, food service equipment, and electric-to-gas fuel switching.

Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority offers matching funds for customers who implement energy-saving measures that reduce electric demand. Qualifying equipment includes NEMA Premium motors, efficient LED or fluorescent lighting, ground-source heat pumps, and high efficiency chillers and food service equipment.

What load management/demand response options are available to me?

OGE offers several load management rates potentially of interest to federal customers, including:

  • The Time of Use Program offers lower total electricity costs for facilities that are able to reduce electricity use during peak hours (2 p.m.-7 p.m. weekdays, June 1 through September 30) or shift load to off-peak hours, when the rate is substantially lower.

  • The Day Ahead Pricing Program available to customers with maximum demand of at least 200 kW, allows customers to be credited or charged, based upon day-ahead notification of hourly energy prices, for usage below or above a pre-determined customer baseline load profile.

  • The Load Reduction Program is available to customers with annual on-peak maximum demand of at least 200 kW who can curtail load when notified of peak events by OGE. The customer chooses the amount of demand reduction and receives a billing discount for the pledged reduction. The rider is available in conjunction with the Day Ahead Pricing tariff, subject to special conditions.

PSO offers three load management options:

  • The Real Time Pricing Schedule (RTP) is an option for customers with an average 15-minute interval peak demand of at least 1,000 kW.

  • The Energy Price Curtailable Service Rider is available to customers with peak season (June, July, August and September) curtailable hourly energy use of at least 2,000 kWh. Customers can choose from two notification periods (day-ahead and current day) and three durations (4 hours, 8 hours and 16 hours). A credit is awarded for the curtailed hourly energy.

  • The Peak Performers program provides incentive payments for reducing electricity use with 2-hour notification during peak demand events which last from 2 to 4 hours and can be called up to 12 times per year, June-September 1-7 p.m., weekdays.

What distributed energy resource options are available to me?

The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) provides information on programs that offer incentives for renewable distributed generation. Oklahoma currently has no programs of this type open to federal customers.

Are there energy efficiency programs sponsored by state government?

No state energy efficiency programs are currently available to federal customers. For information on future opportunities, contact the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

What additional opportunities are available to me?

Federal customers whose utilities have area-wide contracts through GSA (e.g., OGE Energy Corp. and Oklahoma Natural Gas Company) may be able to take advantage of 3rd-party financed energy efficiency projects called utility energy services contracts (UESCs). Information is available on GSA's Energy Center of Expertise Library Page. Federal facilities should contact their utility account executive to determine the level of each utility's participation.

NOTE: Energy efficiency funds and demand response programs are updated at least annually. Please contact the FEMP webmaster if changes are needed between updates.