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New and Underutilized Technology: HID Electronic/Dimming Ballasts

The following information outlines key deployment considerations for HID electronic/dimming ballasts within the Federal sector.


Most HID electronic/dimming ballasts, typically metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps, are currently driven by magnetic ballasts. Several manufacturers now offer electronic ballasts for these lamps, which promise better efficiency, longer lamp life, and faster startup and re-strike.


HID electronic/dimming ballasts are applicable in exterior/security lighting and facilities with high bay areas.

Key Factors for Deployment

Federal agencies must evaluate relative costs, benefits, and application of the three major high bay technologies before making a deployment decision. These technologies include HID electronic, fluorescent, and LED lighting.

Ranking Criteria

Federal energy savings, cost-effectiveness, and probability of success are ranked 0-5 with 0 representing the lowest ranking and 5 representing the highest ranking. The weighted score is ranked 0-100 with 0 representing the lowest ranking and 100 representing the highest ranking.

Federal Energy Savings Cost Effectiveness Probability of Success Weighted Score
1.3 4.0 3.5 51