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Federal Energy Management Program

New and Underutilized Technology: Airfield LED Lighting

The following information outlines key deployment considerations for airfield LED lighting within the Federal sector.


Airfield LED lighting is a good application for colored LED lights since the LED is monochromatic. Reduced maintenance costs dramatically improve economics over existing incandescent.


Airfield LED lighting is applicable at airports as wells military and domestic air stations and bases.

Key Factors for Deployment

Federal agencies must determine Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval requirements before deployment.

Ranking Criteria

Federal energy savings, cost-effectiveness, and probability of success are ranked 0-5 with 0 representing the lowest ranking and 5 representing the highest ranking. The weighted score is ranked 0-100 with 0 representing the lowest ranking and 100 representing the highest ranking.

Federal Energy Savings Cost Effectiveness Probability of Success Weighted Score
0.1 3.0 3.8 34