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New and Underutilized Technology: Advanced Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioner

The following information outlines key deployment considerations for advanced rooftop packaged air conditioners within the Federal sector.


Products within this category are air conditioners with features that improve efficiency. These include improved fans, economizers, and diagnostics.

In addition, air conditioners within this category are rooftop units that have:

  • Condensing units that drain to the interior of the building.
  • Better insulation.
  • Duct dampers that prevent off-cycle losses due to convection loops that lose heat from the building.

In addition, a rooftop unit with a modulating compressor will be more efficient and have better humidity control if the indoor blower or air handler is also variable speed.


Advanced rooftop packaged air conditioners are applicable in most building categories.

Key Factors for Deployment

Efficiency ratings do not take into account all of the benefits these advanced features offer.

Manufacturer-installed economizers are recommended. Economizers have been known to fail in the past. Because of this, economizers should be commissioned.

Ranking Criteria

Federal energy savings, cost-effectiveness, and probability of success are ranked 0-5 with 0 representing the lowest ranking and 5 representing the highest ranking. The weighted score is ranked 0-100 with 0 representing the lowest ranking and 100 representing the highest ranking.

Federal Energy Savings Cost Effectiveness Probability of Success Weighted Score
0.6 3.0 4.4 42