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EERE Financial Opportunities

Solicitations for Business, Industry, and Universities

The majority of Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) financial opportunities are for business, industry, and universities.

To explore current EERE financial assistance solicitations and solicitation-related requests, click on the titles in the table below. If you are searching for listings in a particular technology area, be sure to also look at those labeled "crosscutting." These apply to more than one technology area.

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Technology Solicitation Title Open Date Close Date
Wind Program U.S. Wind Manufacturing: Larger Blades to Access Greater Wind Resources and Lower Costs 03/16/2015 05/28/2015
Manufacturing Next Generation Electric Machines: Megawatt Class Motors 03/18/2015 06/03/2015
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Research, Development, and Demonstrations 03/02/2015 06/04/2015

For more information about obtaining funding for the opportunities listed above, see How to Apply.

For information on loan guarantees, see DOE's Loan Guarantee Program. Also see the recent Request for Information on loan guarantee solicitations.

In addition, EERE participates in DOE small business programs. To learn more about these programs, see the website of the Small Business Innovation Research Program and the Small Business Technology Transfer Program.

Outside of EERE, some federal laboratories offer subcontract opportunities to business, industry, and university groups. See the laboratory subcontract section for more information. In addition, other government agencies frequently offer opportunities relevant to EERE technologies. For more information, see related solicitations.