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EERE Financial Opportunities

Laboratory Subcontracts

Photo of Wind Turbine Co. President Larry Mills signing a poster of a laboratory subcontract.

The national laboratories that receive research funding from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) often have financial opportunities for industry and outside organizations. The most common of these, laboratory subcontracts, are very much like grants at the EERE level.

Laboratory subcontracts are usually competitive, and, like EERE grants, they usually begin with a solicitation. However, laboratory subcontracts are evaluated by laboratory contracting staff. Applications for laboratory subcontracts are handled by the laboratories themselves.

To view open solicitation listings for subcontracting opportunities at EERE-funded national laboratories, see the following pages:

For more information about working with the Department of Energy's national laboratories, see Doing Business With the National Labs.